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Artificial Intelligence-Powered Filipino Dreams With Sassy Digitals

Revolutionizing 10,000 Filipino corporations with stellar digital marketing and smooth AI workflows. Ready for the transformation?

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Marketing with a Mind

Embrace the AI evolution in marketing. Tailored strategies that listen, learn, and lead you to success.

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Effortless Ops

Streamline the complex, declutter the unnecessary. Experience operations that breathe efficiency.


Profit Not Just Promise

Let the numbers do the talking. Witness a tangible boost in your profits and redefine what's possible for your bottom line.

Companies We Serve

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Get Ready To Dominate The Digital Realm And Leave Your Competitors In The Dust With Our In-Demand Services

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AI Digital Marketing Prompt Engineering

Transform campaigns with intelligence. Our AI-powered marketing drives precise targeting, ensuring your message hits home every time.

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AI Workflow Prompt Engineering

Streamline with AI. Experience workflows that eliminate bottlenecks, maximizing productivity and minimizing fuss.

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AI Graphic Design Prompt Engineering

Designs that captivate. Let AI craft visuals that resonate with your audience and stand out in the crowd.

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Customized AI Prompts for Businesses, Government Sector & Educational Institution

Tailored AI solutions. From businesses, goverment sector to academia, we deliver AI prompts that revolutionize operations and outcomes.

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Business Strategy

Chart your success. With data-driven insights and expert strategy, navigate the business landscape confidently.

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AI Prompt Engineering Trainings for Businesses, Government Sector & Educational Institution

Empower with AI knowledge. Offering tailored training modules that drive AI fluency across sectors.

Are You Missing Out On The Transformative Power of AI For Your Business?

Are your marketing campaigns hitting the mark or merely casting a wide net with minimal results?

Is your workflow streamlined and efficient, or are you drowning in operational bottlenecks?

Does your graphic design stand out and resonate, or does it blend into the background noise?

Are your tools and systems tailored to your specific sector needs, or do you struggle with one-size-fits-all solutions?

Is your business strategy driven by powerful, data-backed insights, or are you navigating blindly?

Are your teams equipped and trained to harness the full potential of AI, or are they lagging in the digital evolution?

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In The Digital Age, Every Misstep Can Cause You More Than What You Anticipate

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Here’s where Sassy Digitals, comes in...

We act as your guiding beacon amidst the technological storm. Gone are the days when your marketing campaigns meandered without a clear direction.

With our AI-driven Digital Marketing Prompt Engineering, your campaigns won’t just target — they’ll resonate deeply, achieving precision that was once deemed impossible.

Experience a paradigm shift, where broad strategies are replaced with finely-tuned, AI-empowered precision.

Operational inefficiencies? They're relics of the past. Dive into a world where workflows are streamlined to perfection, eliminating bottlenecks and ushering in peak productivity.

Our tailored AI solutions are meticulously crafted for every sector. Whether you're a business entity, a government organization, or an educational institution, we ensure that your tools are not just effective but exemplary. And it doesn’t end with just tools; our graphic design expertise, fueled by AI, ensures that your visuals stand apart, creating impressions that last.

But Sassy Digitals' guiding hand extends beyond mere solutions. We believe in empowerment. Our AI Prompt Engineering Training is designed to ensure your teams aren't just participants in the digital evolution but pioneers. Navigate the business landscape confidently, backed by strategies rooted in powerful data insights.

With Sassy Digitals by your side, it's not just about confronting challenges; it's about transforming them into unparalleled opportunities.

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Meet the Team

Malinda Arce is no ordinary wordsmith; she's a copywriting dynamo with over 12 years of experience, working with everyone from emerging Davids to Forbes 500 Goliaths.

With expertise spanning SaaS, Finance, E-commerce, Spirituality, Medical, and Personal Leadership (to name a few), she's the industry's go-to for transformative copy.

Trained by legends like Frank Kern in AI Copywriting and Evando Albuquerque for Sales Letters, she's mastered the art of analyzing competition and staying a step ahead.

But here's the twist: Malinda isn't just about words. With an 8-year stint as a business strategist, she's the mastermind who's resolved intricate conflicts among generational wealthy, turning sinking assets into gold mines. The proof? A whopping $30 million in profits for her clients.

Currently, she is the first female-led A.I. Course and Prompt Engineering Creator in the Philippines.

Whether it's tapping into audience emotions, skyrocketing sales, or turning business challenges into successes, our CEO, Malinda, brings a blend of analytical prowess and creative genius. Prepare to be wowed!

Malinda Arce

Founder & CEO

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Trixie Arce

Founder & COO

The Boss Babe who runs the operations by day and whips up culinary magic in her spare time, is our COO who rules in sass and style. Armed with a track record that includes heavyweight names like J. Walter Thompson, Ogilvy, SEA Games 2019, Nickelodeon, Emperador, and Golden Acres (Mcdonald’s Philippines), Trixie is no stranger to the advertising game.

But wait, there's more to this dynamo! When she's not kicking corporate butt, Trixie indulges in her naughty pleasures: watching addictive animes, devouring beauty vlogs, and getting lost in epic series and movies. She shamelessly admits to being a complete couch potato, because hey, even boss babes need their downtime.

Just don't be surprised if she offers you a mouthwatering dish while discussing marketing strategies. Trixie is the epitome of sass, success, and a damn good time.

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He’s our mind-Reading marketing maverick with a passion for Tech, Travel, and All Things Sassy! As the former CTO of a Tech Travel Startup called Gina, he knows how to navigate the digital landscape like a boss.

This tech enthusiast found his heart's desire in the world of lead generation and copywriting. As the Lead Generation Specialist and Copy Chief at Sassy Digitals, he's the mastermind behind captivating campaigns that leave competitors in the dust. Jobb's got the charm, the brains, and the marketing mojo to make your brand stand out in a sea of mediocrity.

He's got skills that go beyond the digital realm, and he's not afraid to show it. And let's not forget his devotion to family - nothing gets between him and quality time with his loved ones.

He's the tech-savvy, hoop-shooting, psychology-loving marketing guru who's gonna bring the sass and the results.

Jobb Rodriguez

Lead Generation Specialist

& Copy Chief

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Gizelle De Guzman-Diaz

Brand Strategist

& Social Media Manager

She’s our brand whisperer and social media extraordinaire! Gizelle brings the perfect blend of creativity, strategy, and sexiness to the table. She's got the skills, the sass, and the social media prowess to make your brand go viral like never before.

With a captivating charisma that can mesmerize even the most jaded audience, Gizelle knows how to make your brand shine brighter than a disco ball on a Saturday night. Her strategic brilliance and innovative thinking will take your brand from basic to breathtaking in no time. She's a brand-building badass, and she's not afraid to break the rules and make a splash.

When it comes to social media, Gizelle is the ultimate queen bee. She knows all the tricks, tips, and trends that will make your followers swoon and your competitors green with envy. From crafting killer captions that leave your audience craving for more to curating content that's hotter than a summer fling, Gizelle knows how to make your brand the talk of the town.

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She is our tech sorceress and automation alchemist! As our Automation and Tech Specialist, Shekinah brings a level of expertise and sexiness to the world of technology that will leave you mesmerized.

With a flick of her digital wand, Shekinah works her magic, transforming your business into a well-oiled machine that runs smoother than silk sheets on a summer night. She's got the brains and the beauty to make your automation dreams come true.

When it comes to tech, Shekinah is the queen of innovation. She's always on the cutting edge, staying ahead of the game with the latest trends and tools that will make your competitors green with envy. From setting up seamless systems that streamline your workflow to creating mind-blowing automations that will have you wondering why you didn't hire her sooner, Shekinah is a force to be reckoned with.

Shekinah Garcia

Automation & Tech Specialist

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Our Satisfied Customers

Malinda is an exceptional copywriter who consistently delivers high-quality, engaging content that captivates the target audience. She has gained impressive medical industry knowledge in such a short time and is an invaluable team player who goes the extra mile to ensure project objectives are met.

Malinda's writing is not only persuasive but also highly effective in achieving desired results, and her commitment to delivering high-quality work is unmatched. Whilst I'm sad to lose Malinda, it still gives me great pleasure to recommend her for any copywriting position, as her skills, work ethic, and vibrant personality make her an outstanding asset to any team.

Titus Mulquiney

The Dental Marketing Expert

Malinda can elevate your brand messaging to the next level. She has a talent for crafting compelling and persuasive copy that resonates with target audiences and drives results. Malinda's ability to understand and adapt to various brand voices and styles is impressive, and she consistently produces high-quality work under tight deadlines while working with her. Whether it is website copy, product descriptions, or any other type of copywriting, she has the skills and experience to deliver exceptional work. When it comes to copywriting, she's one of a kind.

Ann T.

SEO | Content Outreach Specialist

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Malinda is a strong leader who can execute strategies into doable solutions, aligning teams and people along the way with quick and desirably favorable results.

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I worked with Malinda during her time with CLDY. Malinda is a passionate copywriter with lots of enthusiasm. She takes care of the research groundwork and site page wireframing, all the way to the copywriting for the page. Just take a look at the website to see the great work that Malinda has done.

Angeline Teo

Founder at SG Primary

Malinda was an incredible and energetic individual who helped us with our copywriting projects. She was a friendly and engaging team member and helped us improve our copywriting and product pages. For a tech company, this was important because a good copywriter who knows tech is very rare.

Alvin Poh

Chariman, CLDY

I have worked with Malinda on one of my projects. She was flexible to provide me with something that fits my needs. Malinda was professional, respected the timeline we agreed on, and made the changes I requested very promptly. I highly recommend her work!

Andreea Tamas

Sacred Transitions Coach

Malinda’s knowledge of storytelling, hooks, and persuasive copy was invaluable as she collaborated with our team to constantly optimize and improve open and click rates resulting in a well-engaged list, leads, and sales. If you’re looking for help with email copywriting or content writing, I would have no hesitation in recommending Malinda.

Doug Roberts

The Marketing Store

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Hiring Malinda was the best decision I've ever made. In less than one month, she was able to transform one of my dormant Etsy stores with an 80% increase in sales.

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Malinda is an amazing and energetic person who is both creative and extremely professional in her approach to working with clients. Malinda worked with us to make a business continuity plan for a Defence Technology Innovation expansion project from Australia to the Philippines. Our company has found her business acumen and responsiveness very impressive. Malinda is incredibly well-versed and immersed in new and emerging trends in international laws.

We understand that she is one of the few professionals who practice Business Crisis Management in her country and this proved to be her key strength. She has provided us a negotiation plan which saved us millions in litigation and business processing with a win-win implementation of our international business development goals. Overall, she is a valued business consultant partner who is a forward thinker and trusted advisor.

Matthew Davis

Business Insights Director

Hiring Malinda was the best decision I've ever made. In less than one month, she was able to transform one of my dormant Etsy stores with an 80% increase in sales. Malinda knows how to take charge of a situation and she's actively strategizing two steps ahead. My shop experienced repeat sales from customers thanks to her well-conceptualized product advertisement and after-sales services. After this, there is no one I'd trust my Etsy store strategy than Malinda.

John Taylor

Etsy Serial Shop Owner

Malinda is a strong leader who can execute strategies into doable solutions, aligning teams and people along the way with quick and desirably favourable results. We worked with Malinda with many projects including a rebranding program this year. During these periods of engagement, she played a number of pivotal roles at both a Board and Operational level, adding valuable insights and key strategic considerations as we build and rebuild the business. Having Malinda involved in our organisation is an absolute blessing and pleasure.

Sharon Stride

Country Coordinator,

ADELE Foundation

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Trixie is laser-focused on getting things done on time, without the fuss and drama. She knows the ins and outs of tools needed by diverse clients

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I like how Trixie could spring up life in every copies she write, and gives me clear directions, helping me to effectively execute my task as a graphic designer. She was also a superstar project manager as she efficiently aligned all tasks, making it easy for everyone.

- Zann Dinopol, Graphic Designer

It was always a pleasure working with Trixie. She is excellent at her work, really appreciate how patient she is and how she motivates me to do my best. Everyone on the team highly respected her for her superb management skills. With her around, the team remained calm and submitted every project on time. For a project manager, Trixie Arce is my highest recommendation. You're in good hands with her!

- Hazel Leyson, Email Copywriter

Trixie is a wonderful person I've ever worked with. She's very creative and highly skilled. Having her as a project manager/copywriter in my agency is a blessing because she knows exactly what's needed even before I say it. To her future clients, please take care of her and let her bless your business with her skills and amazing work ethic.

- Maria Agbada, Founder at Hiraya at Pluma

Trixie is laser-focused on getting things done on time, without the fuss and drama. She knows the ins and outs of tools needed by diverse clients. She is the total package of a project manager. No doubt about bigger things that she can do for more businesses.

- Gizelle Diaz, Social Media Manager

I'm a tech VA under a digital marketing consulting agency where Trixie is one of the project managers. She is really helpful, walks me through the tasks I need to accomplish, and directs me through resources that I need to complete tasks with. She communicates what needs to be done clearly and answers questions sufficiently. Her cheery and bubbly personality is also very motivating and drives me to communicate with her and the team better.

- Shekinah Garcia, Tech Virtual Assistant

I've worked with Trixie as a fellow Project Manager for almost a year, and I can say that she has an eye for design. While a woman of many talents, I believe she thrives in projects where creatives are involved. She's able to relentlessly follow through and ask for accountability from others when it comes to deliverables.

-Celz Alejandro, Project Manager

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Recent Case Studies

Transforming A Breakthrough Case Study in SaaS Direct Response Copywriting

Mettlence Ptde: Leveraging Powerful Storytelling for Enhanced Sales and Customer Retention

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Our Game Plan

Number 1
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Whip up a Flavorful, No-Obligation Strategy

Forget the boring sales pitches! In our free consultation, we'll blend together a dash of creativity and a sprinkle of business savvy to create a custom marketing strategy just for your brand. Get ready to embark on a marketing journey that's as exciting as a steamy rendezvous.

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Dive Deep into a Tempting Business Strategy

We serve more than a taste; we dish out the whole experience! Dive into a fusion of business strategy, digital marketing, and workflow management, crafting enticing customer personas, sizzling SEO, and actionable plans for future feasts. A platter designed for success!

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Indulge in Irresistible Implementation

Prepare to be swept off your feet by our enchanting marketing magic! We don't just leave you with a plan; we're here to serve up a heaping helping of sweet success. Once you're on board, we'll dish out your personalized monthly strategy. Think sizzling Google Ads, tantalizing email marketing sprinkled with automation, or a process improvement so smooth, it'll make your taste buds tingle. Get ready to savor the sweet taste of triumph.

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Satisfy Your Cravings with Refreshing Reviews and Optimization

Every month, we'll sit down and feast on the results of our hard work. We'll dive deep into the metrics and insights gained from our marketing activities, ensuring your success is as satisfying as that first bite of a perfectly ripe fruit. If any adjustments are needed, we'll fine-tune our tactics to keep your journey to sweet success on track. It's like adding a dash of perfection to your already delightful dessert.

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Book A FREE 45 Min Strategic Call With Us

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Why Choose Sassy Digitals

Choose Sassy Digitals, where digital innovation meets unparalleled expertise. Every business needs a dynamic partner that doesn't just understand the present, but foresees the future. Our AI-driven digital marketing doesn't just target; it resonates, ensuring your campaigns penetrate right to the heart of your audience.

The game is more than just marketing. Our solutions in workflow management are meticulous, streamlining your operations to eliminate bottlenecks, and maximizing productivity. We've turned the conventional into the exceptional, redefining processes for efficiency and effectiveness.

But there's more. Our commitment extends beyond just tools and tactics. We believe in empowerment. With training modules spanning sectors from business to government and education, we're equipping tomorrow's leaders today. Our aim is to ensure you're not just navigating the digital age but mastering it.

So, why Sassy Digitals? Because in a world filled with digital noise, we offer clarity, direction, and innovation. Your success isn't just our mission; it's our passion. Let's build tomorrow, today.

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Book A FREE 45 Min Strategic Call With Us

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Our In-Demand Course

Get ready to unleash your inner copywriting seductress with Scale Slay, the first female-led AI Copywriting Course in the Philippines that will have you slaying the competition with AI-powered copy.

Designed with the newbie and intermediate copywriter in mind, this sassy and oh-so-sexy course will take you on a wild ride through the thrilling world of copywriting, all while harnessing the power of cutting-edge AI technology.

We'll teach you the art of seductive storytelling, the secrets of irresistible persuasion, and the skills to craft copy that leaves a lasting impression.

But here's the real magic: Scale Slay is not just about theory and lectures.

We believe in practical application and real results. With our unique blend of hands-on exercises and AI assistance, you'll be slinging sexy, conversion-focused copy from day one. Our previous batch was an absolute triumph, with 37 eager copywriting enthusiasts joining the journey and a whopping 90% of them raving about the transformative experience.

In just 30 days or less, we'll transform you into a copywriting superstar, equipping you with the skills and confidence to land that dream job or seal that game-changing transaction.

Say goodbye to sleepless nights struggling with words and hello to a future filled with lucrative opportunities. With Scale Slay, you'll be armed with the perfect blend of human creativity and AI brilliance, setting you apart from the crowd and ensuring your copywriting prowess takes center stage.

It's time to turn heads, make waves, and conquer the copywriting world like the fierce, alluring wordsmith you were born to be.

Let's slay together!

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Say goodbye to sales pitches because our 45-minute Strategy Call is on us, and trust us, there's no catch. Let's join forces and create a tantalizing marketing project sensation that will make your business the most delectable treat in town. Get ready to savor success like never before!